Henry Gillen


Direct Line: (989) 708-7337
Office Phone: (989) 472-1031
My Email: henrygillen@gmail.com
My WebSite: http://www.hg-realtor.com

I am a proficient and hard-working individual who loves his family and cares about helping other people. When I represent Buyers, my goal is to make sure my clients find the home they want so they feel the pride of home ownership. In my opinion it is not my job to sell a house to a buyer but rather help them troubleshoot through the issues that arise during the housing-buying process. When I represent Sellers, my goal is to give them realistic expectations on the most effective way to sell their house in a timely manner with a game plan that keeps us on track to reach our goal in selling their home. We offer many services including property management, buying, and selling. Our abilities to work at a high level of problem solving separate us from the rest. Let us prove to you why we will be your real estate company for life by creating results!