Feb. 04, 2023 | Written by: Henry Gillen

Hi Everyone,

My name is Henry, I have been in the construction industry since I was 17, when I became a superintendent and built my first house on Lake Huron. I took over my fathers company because of a car accident, which was a huge change for me, I had to quit High School in Onaway Michigan and go to work. Luckily my father came out of his coma shorty after we finished the house, on time and on budget.

At this time, I am a broker and owner of HG Realty and have been in real estate for about 6 years. I have combined real-estate and construction and work with a few great investors with flipping houses. I'm going to show people exactly how I flip houses and what goes into the process. If anyone has questions or wants any input on contracting or real estate, please feel free to reach out! 

Thank for reading and checking out our projects!